Thursday, September 4, 2008

"Wonderful World" Opens.

At 7:30 PM tonight, the Fine Arts University Student Theatre Organization's production of Richard Dresser's Wonderful World opened in the Weber Fine Arts building, room 006.

Under the direction of Maria VachaPittack, the cast (comprised of Charles Fisher, Kelsey Carey, Rachel Samson, Caleb Eigsti, and Rachael Miller) has been rehearsing for eight weeks and tonight the cast and crew were happy to present the show to the public.

The play displays a family searching to find itself. Maria and the cast have molded a world in which each of the characters is forced to reevaluate him or herself and to take an in-depth look at how they interact with one another in their continual search for balance, goodness, and, ultimately, truth.

The costumes, designed by Christa Hilmer, assist in giving further insight into the individual personalities of the characters.

The set (designed by Brent Froning), soundscape (designed by Krystal Kelly), and the lighting (designed by Andy Shaw) take you into the sometimes joyous, sometimes morose, and sometimes isolated world of the play.

Wonderful World will have additional performances tomorrow (Friday, Sep. 5th) and Saturday, Sep. 6th.

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